How do you start? Just take one imperfect step

31 Jan 2021 | Thoughts | 0 comments

I thought for days and days and, OK, maybe even months before writing this post.

What stellar thought could break the internet – in a good way? What would answer the secret hopes of thousands, no millions, of readers and send this post to the first page of their Google searches? What smart, erudite (but humble) post could launch my website and place my work in the same sphere as those copywriters whose glossy pictures and cool insights leave me feeling … kinda less than after scrolling through their feeds?

I couldn’t come up with any particularly helpful or unique blog topic – so I decided to just write something. Anything. I told myself that not everything needs to be perfect. That, rather than tread the safe waters of perfectionism and wait for that ideal idea to hit, it’s better off to take one small step aligned with your values and then to make that action consistent.

So here it is: my not-perfect-but-done first blog post! Thank you for reading it. It’s not fancy, and it certainly is not going to answer your content questions or offer any solutions that will revolutionise your business or passion project. It is, however, representative of something truly important when you’re doing something new and scary. It’s a start, however imperfect.

And I guess that’s what I am able to share with you, as one small business owner to another: sometimes a start is enough. A small, imperfect step. From there, you can learn and grow and improve. It’s like doing a jog-one-minute-walk-four-minutes first training week for a half marathon. Next week you jog for longer, walk for less, and in a couple of months you’ll run a whole hour nonstop.

That’s my hope – for you, and for me. Small, consistent steps that add up to a big old win that helps as many people as possible.

Danielle x


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