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Let’s connect your purpose-driven business with clients who care — and click.

I craft clever content so you can

Helping you communicate better is what I do best.

I bet you’re great at what you do. You can talk for days about your business and its impact, explaining why the world needs your product, service or idea. But it’s tough to find the right words for your website, brochures, emails and social media posts.

Writing clever content takes much more than throwing a few sentences at a page and hoping they stick. It involves understanding what your clients want to know, then explaining how your product, service or idea can help in a clear, strategic way.

Let me help make your word woes better. I love using my nerdy ways for good, helping passionate business owners and creators connect with more clients. Work with me and, together, we’ll grow your possibilities.



Copywriting is the craft of moving people to act. It’s telling the story of your business in a way that engages your audience and compels them to click, connect, download and buy. As a professional copywriter, I draw on my skills as a journalist, editor and marketer to craft text, or “copy”, for your website, brochures, emails, blog, social media posts and more.


We all like to read words that make sense. Text that is clear, flowing, error-free and enjoyable. That’s where a copy editor comes in. “Copy editing” is simply another way of saying text editing. I’ll take your pre-written content – social media posts, ebook, manuscript, newsletter, article, recipe, brochure — and elevate it to the next level.


Proofreading is the quality-check and tidy-up of a near-finished written product. It sounds simple, but there’s no place for typos or grammatical errors in a professional document. I’ll polish the final draft of your website content, resume, ebook, manuscript, newsletter, article, recipe or brochure so it has the glowy finish it deserves.


Everyone these days knows you need to create content. But not everyone does it well. Let me be your go-to word pro for well-planned, reliable and valuable content. I’ll customise a monthly package of blogs, social media posts and articles that suits your budget, keeps your digital assets fresh, and gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

It’s lovely to meet you!

I’m Danielle: the word pro you can depend on.

I grew up in the cattle country of far north Queensland, I’ve worked as a journalist, editor, content manager and communications advisor across multiple industries, and I love helping people connect through honest conversations.

These folks have great taste.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with brands such as WellBeing, Weight Watchers, Intrepid Travel, Food Network, Amazon UK and Australian Catholic University.

Start connecting through clever content today.

Attracting new clients online is tough. It takes user research, knowledge of what Googlebot wants, good grammar, the right apps, regular blogs, carefully curated social media posts and more. Lost? Not to worry. Download 15 Ways to Craft Website Content Your Clients (and Google) Will Love and start creating content that’ll get you found. 

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