Do you know your words need some secret sauce, but the ingredients of said sauce have you stumped?

Let me be your sous chef. Here are some ways we can work together.


Copywriting is the craft of moving people to take action. Clever text, or “copy”, sells your services, products and ideas to people who care.

Your audience wants to read engaging, accurate information about your service, product or idea. It has to meet their needs, connect them with you and your brand, explain how they’ll benefit from what you offer, and compel them to act.

Sharing all of this in the right way to the right people takes time. And finding that time when you’re juggling a business with kids, life admin and a day job is tough.

Let me help. I’ll use my 13+ years of journalism, editing and marketing experience to craft clever content for your website, brochures, emails, blog, social media and more.

I’ll meet with you in person or via Zoom to learn alllllll about you and your business. Then, depending on the project, I will:

  • brainstorm concepts
  • craft clear, compelling longform copy such as blogs, articles and ebooks
  • write clear, engaging and concise copy for your website, emails, direct mail letters, brochures and newsletters
  • work with you, or your marketing and creative departments, to develop a communication strategy
  • ensure consistent brand messaging, including voice and tone, across all communication channels.

wing woman, ready!

Editing and proofreading

We all like to read words that make sense. Text that is easy to understand, flowing, error-free and pleasurable. Typos have no place in a professional document.

As I copy editor and proofreader, one of my superpowers is pulling words into line. I can edit your copy so it’s clear, accurate and well-structured, and do a quality-check and tidy-up of the near-finished written product.

Share your pre-written content, such as social media posts, manuscript, report, email, article, brochure or online course materials, and I’ll elevate it to polished excellence.

    I will give your writing a thorough go-over to ensure the following aspects are spot on:




    spelling and punctuation


    consistency of style and spelling casing


    font and format accuracy in text


    images and layout (I’m committed to integrity and check all facts thoroughly)


    legalities (I will flag any instances of plagiarism, libel, contentious health claims and such that may cause painful legal issues)


    adherence to style (if you have a style guide)


    overall readability


    the design is appropriate for your brand/message/target audience


    the design doesn’t interfere with readability your digital product is functional and free of issues overall


    perfection in the final product.

    Content packages

    So busy running your business that your social media accounts are suffering? Know you need to up your blogging game, but you have no idea where to start? Want to build a community, but you’re overwhelmed by the effort required?

    Don’t spend hours, days or weeks lost in the content wilderness: let me be your wing woman for reliable, strategic, human-friendly content.

    First, we’ll get clear on your business goals, ideal clients, brand and story. I’ll then create a monthly package of blogs, social media posts and emails to suit your budget and brand, keep your digital assets fresh, and get you noticed for the right reasons.

    Each of my website packages can be tailored to your needs and includes:

    • briefing time (up to 1 hour, by phone or Zoom) information research (if required)
    • keyword research (if required) copywriting SEO copy, including meta tags and descriptions
    • 2 rounds of revision
    • 1 round of proofreading
    • photo research and selection (if required)
    • hashtag research
    • scheduling
    • monthly report.

    how will we work together?

    A special 8-step process.

    You send me a contact form, we hash out your goals, form a solid brief and I’ll cook you up some words which knock that goal out of the park.

    Let me share your story and help you connect with clients who care.

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