consider me your content wing woman.

Words are my thing.

They have been ever since I learnt to read — and even before, thanks to a family love of storytelling and parents who read us bedtime books.

In business, as in life, connection matters. People who feel heard, share your values, and like what you do and how you do it, will act. They’ll like, view, share, learn, buy and come back.

Well told stories help build trust and connection.

Connection is what I wish for your business. And I’m the dependable, wordy wing woman you need to help build it. Over the past 15 years, I’ve built a career around crafting stories that resonate.

You’re my inspiration.

You’re a bold, innovative, courageous and interesting creator, visionary, thought-leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping make the world better. You’re great at what you do. And you’re busy creating a force for good.

The story of you and your business is remarkable because it’s different. No one else on this earth has a story like yours.

Connect with clients who care. Let me share your story.

I get results by listening between the lines.

This helps me get to the heart of your business, articulate what sets it apart, and share your story in a way that makes you feel proud. It’s my job to understand what your clients want to know, learn the story of you and your business, extract the right information, then share it in a way that attracts the right people and sets your business apart. This simple but effective process is one I’ve developed in my career as a journalist, editor and communications advisor.

These folks have great taste.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with brands such as WellBeing, Weight Watchers, Intrepid Travel, Food Network, Amazon UK and Australian Catholic University.

What’s my story?


I grew up on a cattle property in Far North Queensland, where life was remote and free-range, full of cattlework, dust and books. I did School of the Air until age 12, when I went to boarding school in the big smoke: Charters Towers.

It was an isolated upbringing, but it gave me a thirst for reading and writing, because books were my windows to the world. It made me curious about everything but particularly people, perhaps because we only went to town once a month. And it instilled in me a deeeeeep love of nature.

I still love the bush, but I’ve made the most of being away from it. Here’s the highlights reel: I have degrees in international business, international relations, French and journalism, and I’ve also studied nutrition. I once taught English in Japan as well as in a Burmese refugee community, and I now volunteer to teach English to refugee families. I’ve written for newspapers and magazines in Australia and New Zealand, and I’ve worked as a content manager, editor and communications advisor across multiple industries. I once spent a winter snowboarding in Canada and 7 months travelling through South America.


pick and mix facts.

13+ years

as a writer, editor, content manager and communications advisor.

A koru

is a spiral used in Maori art that represents the unfurling of a silver fern and symbolises creation, renewal, growth, strength and peace.

My morning pick-me-up

is a long black with milk.

I once worked

in a rock-climbing centre.


is my home for now, but I’m a serial city dater.

I’m single

 (feel free to set me up with your eligible brother).


is my game of choice.

Freshen up your content today.

You’ve got a great story to tell. When you work with me, I’ll help you develop the content you need to connect with people who care.

Is now not the right time?

All good, I’ll be here when you need me. Download my free guide 15 Ways to Craft Website Content Your Clients (and Google) Will Love, and start creating content that’ll get you found.

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